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Generascope - Hexagon is a collection of 1111 uniquely generated artworks from 11 hand drawn seed images by Jason Seife

Pricing - 0.3 ETH per artwork

Rarity - The collection includes built in trackable traits including, Sample Size, Sample X, Sample Y, and Segments. 75 of the pieces will include an additional “Printable” trait, which allows the collector who mints to claim a signed print of this artwork. The “Curated” trait belongs to less than 50 of the artworks and signifies that these outputs were hand generated by the artist. The 11 full seed images are also randomly included within the 1111 artworks.

Keep an eye on this site for an update post drop with the full 1-1111 rarity list although we want to emphasize that this collection was carefully designed with the full intentions of making each piece equally strong despite its rarity ranking.



Sample X: 77.2
Sample Y: 0
Sample Size: 66.51786
Segments: 18

Original Seed